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Truly blossoms only when it is surrendered to the Divine.

Pancratium zeylanicum

Medium-sized highly fragrant white funnel form flower with six pointed petals, a large central cup and a long narrow green corolla tube; borne in one- to three-flowered umbels very close to the ground. A low perennial bulbous plant with narrow linear leaves.

Pancratium zeylanicum is a bulbous perennial herb, which grows in India and on the islands of the Indian Ocean east to insular Southeast Asia. It has been collected from India, Sri Lanka, the Maldive Islands, the Laccadive Islands, Borneo, Java, Maluku, Sulawesi and the Philippines.
Pancratium zeylanicum is known commonly as "rain flower". It is sometimes grown as a hothouse container plant. It does not have a rest period unless water is withheld. It propagates by producing offsets and seed.
The pollinator is a moth with a very long proboscis. Flowers are white with narrow tepals and long teeth along the margin of the staminal corona.

Pancratium zeylanicum is a small tropical species from Asia: India and the Islands of the Indian Ocean. Rain induces flowering and development of the glossy foliage. The flowers are particularly graceful. It is a tender plant, so, except in tropical climate, it must be grow in pots indoors or in warm greenhouse during autumn-winter-spring and put outside during summer. The small bulbs may be planted in 10-15 cm (4-6 inch) pots in soil with good drainage. The plant has a rest period only if water is withheld. 

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